Volume 8 Number 3 Year - 2014

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Zorica Gluvakov, Slavica Prvulovic, Zlatko Kosut, Sasa Igic, Miladin Brkic

Abstract: In modern life conditions, when emphasis is on environmental protection and sustainable development, fuels produced from biomass are increasingly gaining in importance, and it is necessary to consider the quality of end products obtained from biomass. Based on the existing European standards, collected literature and existing laboratory methods, this paper presents results of testing individual thermal - chemical properties of biomass energy pellets after extrusion and cooling the compressed material. Analysing samples based on standard methods, data were obtained on the basis of which individual thermal-chemical properties of pellets were estimated. Comparing the obtained results with the standards and literature sources, it can be said that moisture content, ash content and calorific values are the most important parameters for quality analysis which decide on applicability and use-value of biomass energy pellets, as biofuel. This paper also shows the impact of biofuels on the quality of environmental protection. The conclusion provides a clear statement of quality of biomass energy pellets.

Keywords: biomass, pellet, moisture content, ash content and calorific value

Article info: pp. 385-398

Recieved: 19.06.2014  Accepted: 17.09.2014  UDC: 54.061   Downloads: 660

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