Invitation to review

You will receive an email invitation from the journal that includes the manuscript and the Manuscript Review Form. In addition to your availability, please consider whether the topic of this work is within your field of expertise. Please let us know if you are accepting or declining our invitation to review as soon as possible, to minimise delay for the authors. If you are unable to review, we would be grateful if you would suggest an alternative referee.

Before agreeing to review

We usually ask our reviewers to submit their comments within three weeks of agreeing to review a paper, although extensions can be granted. If you do not have time to review the article, please let the editorial office know. Suggestions for alternative reviewers are always welcome.

Reviewing a paper

As a reviewer, it is important that you remain objective in your critical appraisal. You should not allow your personal prejudice about research topics or researchers to influence your judgment. Your comments should be professional and courteous, and should help the author to improve their paper and present their research as clearly and concisely as possible.

If you have reasons to believe that the material is not original or has been plagiarised, please alert the editorial office.

When reviewing a paper, you should take into consideration the following:

Originality and quality: Is the paper of sufficient interest for publication in the journal? Does it contribute significantly to the current state of the research field? Is the topic handled substantively and accurately in appropriate detail and scope?

Structure: abstract, introduction, method, results, conclusion.

Engagement with previous research and results (e.g. does the author engage with current/ relevant research in the field).

If a paper is difficult to understand due to grammatical errors, please mention this in your report.

Submitting your report

Please submit your report by replying directly to email ( and attaching the completed Manuscript Review Form. Please do not change the subject line of the email when responding this way.

If you need any assistance, please contact the editorial office.

Becoming a Reviewer

If interested in reviewing, please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae along with “key words,” phrases, or topics that you would be interested in reviewing.

You can also email the editorial office if you would like to recommend a colleague who specializes in the field as an additional reviewer.

Thank you to our reviewers

Peer review is a critical element of scholarly publication, and one of the major cornerstones of the scientific process. It ensures that published research is sound and properly verified and improves the quality of the research.

Reviewers for International Journal for Quality Research are selected by the handling editors based on their expertise. Experts volunteer their time and effort to provide scientific critiques of manuscripts submitted to our journal that assist the editors to make informed decisions about manuscript acceptance.

Therefore the editors of International Journal for Quality Research would like to thank the following colleagues who reviewed on a voluntary basis all manuscripts submitted in 2021.Their help highly improved the quality of our journal.

  • Ardeshir Bazrkar
  • Arun Kumar Sharma
  • Dominik Zimon
  • Stephen Fadare
  • Ferry Fadzlul Rahman
  • Aleksandar Vujovic
  • Aleksandar Vukovic
  • Zdravko Krivokapic
  • Miladin Stefanovic
  • Miodrag Lazic
  • Zora Arsovski
  • Stanislav Karapetrovic
  • Tadeusz Sikora
  • Pawel Nowicki
  • Mike Cox
  • Marti Casadesus
  • Merce Bernardo
  • Georgeta Raţă
  • Prasun Das
  • Sandra Stefanovic
  • Bülent Eker
  • M. Ahsan Akhtar Hasin
  • Vanya Zhivkova
  • Runsheng Tu
  • Ayşegül Akdoğan Eker
  • Arun Chand
  • Sait Gül
  • Chinnadurai Kathiravan
  • Eugénia de Matos Pedro
  • Reza Widhar Pahlevi
  • Fadime Basturk
  • TS Nanjundeswaraswamy
  • Kanika Prasad
  • Pham Thi Xuan Thoa
  • Murali Krishna
  • Moustafa Abushawiesh
  • Malefa Rose Malefane
  • Olatunji Fadeyi
  • Mercurius Broto Legowo
  • Anuj Singla Chandigarh
  • Tata Hari Krishna
  • Ardeshir Bazrkar
  • Dyah Sugandini
  • Hrvoje Puskaric
  • Hakan Eygü
  • Moti Melkamu
  • Ershad Mortazavian
  • A. Azhagu Jaisudhan Pazhani
  • Sri Setyo Iriani
  • Hadis Bajric
  • Meri Valishvili
  • Paolo Renna
  • Panos Chountalas
  • Dewie Tri Wijayati Wardoyo
  • Sugandren Naidoo
  • Sanjay Kumar Jain
  • Marija Runic Ristic
  • Nur Feriyanto
  • Süleyman Murat Yildiz
  • Ilias Vlachos
  • Markéta Šnýdrová
  • Hana Urbancová
  • Syed Ali Raza Shah
  • Svetla Draganova Tzvetkova
  • Lucie Depoo
  • Enriko Ceko
  • Thu Ya Mon
  • Marija Miuskovic
  • K. R. Padma
  • Sunny Dawar
  • Roland Stankallaa
  • Ferry Fadzlul Rahman
  • Ratih Nur Pratiwi
  • José Carlos de Toledo
  • Vlademir Vitaliano de Figueiredo
  • Shaista Noor
  • Vedvyas Dwivedi
  • Adelina Baptista
  • Sudhashini Nair
  • Sisno Riyoko
  • Bình Nghiêm-Phú
  • Diah Yulisetiarini
  • Alina Steblyanskaya
  • Natalia Kadol
  • Om Prakash Dubey
  • Arnis Budi Susanto
  • Edin Kadric
  • Ufuk Cebeci
  • Menna Ibrahim Gabr
  • Marija Zahar Djordjevic
  • Taqdees Fatima
  • Patrycja Żegleń (Majcher)
  • Vitaliy Kobets
  • Marta Moczulska
  • Alan Lisica
  • Alemseged Tamiru Haile
  • Arnis Budi Susanto
  • Yevhen Hrabovskyi
  • Haile Tamiru Urgessa
  • Erick Lorenzato Ferreira Vianna
  • Sharjana Alam Shaily
  • Lenka Gahurova (Veselovska)
  • Edvaldo de Farias
  • Deniz Demircioğlu Diren
  • Lucas Schmidt Goecks
  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
  • Sunny Dawar Manipal
  • Alina-Andreea Dragoescu Urlica
  • Mudit M. Saxena
  • Baris Cal
  • Lutfi Nurcholis
  • Chinnadurai Kathiravan
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