Volume 5 Number 3 Year - 2011

Number of articles: 10


Authors: Pratima Mishra, Rajiv Kumar Sharma

Abstract: The greatest continuing area of weakness in management practice is to evaluate human dimensions. The aim of this research is to evaluate the human dimensions which can prove for succe ssful implementation of Six- sigma through teams. This paper discusses the available dimensions of supply chain management (SCM) practices in lite rature and develops an integrated framework (6 ? +SCM) based upon ten human dimens ions of SCM practice ( (i) Self management, (ii) Participation, (iii) Flexibility, (iv) Training, (v) Managerial support, (vi) Communica tion and cooperation, (vii) Feedback and reward, (viii) Leadership, (ix) Information sharing and (x) Process improvement orientation) . The framework has been used to analyze the performance of teams based upon the above dimensions which helps in improving the performance. Various pe rformance metrics i.e. Sigma level (within) and sigma (overall), yield, Cp and Cpk have been calculated to find out the scope for improvement with re spect to SCM dimensions based upon team characteristics.

Keywords: Supply chain, Six-sigma, Performance, Team, SMEs

Article info: pp. 193-203

Recieved: 10.01.2011  Accepted: 20.06.2011  UDC: 005.95   Downloads: 542

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