Volume 6 Number 3 Year - 2012

Number of articles: 11


Authors: Cornelia Petroman, I. Petroman, Diana Marin, S. Coman, A. Dumitrescu, C. Statie, Daniela Avramescu

Abstract: Producing high quality beef asks for the implementation of a performing management of raising cattle ecologically. The main ways of improving beef quality management have a technical nature: sustaina ble grazing management to conserve floral diversity and to obtain ecological beef and rational distribution of the cattle over the grassland to facilitate vegetation recovery and to avoid the setting of invasive species. Implementing a sustainable manageme nt of the resources in the neighborhood of animal farms has beneficial effects on beef quality, brings good economic income through the practice of best beef quality management, protects the environment long - term, and reduces infrastructure expenses thus a voiding the risks of meat contamination.

Keywords: cattle, meat quality management, sustainable management, exploitation system

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