Djordje Mijailovic, Yury Klochkov, Milan Misic, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Bojan Stojcetovic, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Marija Zahar Djordjevic

Abstract: Different aspects of development and implementation of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) have been analysed in previous period dominantly from the viewpoint of theory and practice related to information systems (IS), management information systems (MIS), information technology (IT), as well as management, teamwork, quality and many different approaches, methods, techniques, and tools. These researches missed analysis of leadership process related to developing and using an ICT covered by term ICT leadership in organisations. On the other sides, previously researches regarding leadership are concerned with the role and benefits of applying ICT in organisations, dominantly based on leadership traits. This paper is based on the process approach. An ICT leadership is treated as a subprocess, as ICT management and other processes and subprocesses, based on organisations' process map. By integrating ICT leadership and other business processes, it is possible to assess the quality of processes and the quality of ICT and their impact on the net benefits of ICT. It is the primary purpose of the paper. The research's primary goal is to model ICT leadership with other business processes and use multi regression analysis to find relationships among them. The statistical analysis results proved the primary hypothesis about ICT leadership and ICT management's impact on business performances.

Keywords: ICT Leadership; ICT Management; Business processes; Quality; Quality of ICT; Benefits of ICT

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR16.01-12

Recieved: 01.02.2021  Accepted: 27.06.2021  UDC: 005.336.3 005.511

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