Badr Aqeel Alshrari, Hassan Hussain Nafea, Mohammed Ahmed Alzahrani

Abstract: The aim of this paper was a systematic review of quality improvement in paramedic care. Only very few reviews on some aspects of this have appeared so far. Hence a more comprehensive review including many aspects of paramedic care quality and its improvement was considered necessary. A Google Scholar search using the topic itself as the search term yielded 41 usable papers for this review. Both qualitative and quantitative papers were included to cover all possible aspects. The selected papers have been described under different sections. The papers on paramedic impact, roles, QI programmes and strategies, training and education and communication and collaboration were dominant. Much less research was observed on mobile enhanced healthcare, feedback to paramedics on their performance and research in developing countries. So, the recommendation is to increase research on these topics in future.

Keywords: Paramedic; Roles; Impact; Quality; Feedback; Training

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR16.01-09

Recieved: 01.07.2021  Accepted: 24.12.2021  UDC: 614.253.5

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