Volume 15 Number 3 Year - 2021

Number of articles: 20


Authors: Douglas C. Rodrigues, Lucas S. Goecks, Taciana Mareth, André L. Korzenowski

Abstract: Multivariate statistical control usually applied in industries that operate in continuous production processes. Thus, the objective of this work is to present a procedure for statistical process monitoring in flexible environments, which have a finite production horizon and p correlated observed variables. A systematic review of the literature on control charts conducted. Subsequently, a model proposition built and a simulation process performed; Thus, a method was conceived, which then validated through the Monte Carlo simulation. As an application of the proposed method, a case study was carried out in a metal-mechanic company in southern Brazil, which operates in the vertical transport segment. The results demonstrated the efficiency of the control chart in identifying and signaling out of control points, having a behavior similar to the expected behavior of its performance measure, ARL. The research contributes to the proposition of a multivariate control chart with variable dimensions for flexible production environments.

Keywords: Hotelling T2 Multivariate Control Chart, Finite Horizon, Flexible Environments

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR15.03-01

Article info: pp. 701-712

Recieved: 11.09.2020  Accepted: 15.02.2021  UDC: 640.412:004.46   Downloads: 1063

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