Volume 6 Number 2 Year - 2012

Number of articles: 10


Authors: Elizabeta Mitreva

Abstract: The education of the employees in each instance of company comes with the purpose to gain competences and experience in order to realize every business process in accordance with the requests of the products/ services, legal obligation and competitiveness criteria, as well as with the appointing of the employees requests, and all that with the intention to achieve quality where it is necessary to involve everyone in their own field. In this paper the following inputs are being given in order to get a clear picture if Macedonian companies are keen on to learning and stimulating the individual and collective learning as to improve the results in general. According to the given results in the research, it is stated that Macedonian companies do not care about the quality, insufficiently pay attention to the continuous education, make small investments in the innovations and over all, the quality system is built in a very small number of companies. In this paper the following model for a successful designing and implementing of the educational system as a subsystem of the house of quality is suggested. This methodology is integral and universal meaning it is applicable to all companies and institutions. Without a given training about TQM (Total Quality Management) philosophy and a continued education provided firstly to the managers and further on to all the employees, the TQM strategy could not be implemented as well as the benefits that come with the quality system.

Keywords: TQM strategy, educational subsystem, methodology, leadership, quality system

Article info: pp. 143-149

Recieved: 30.11.2011  Accepted: 29.03.2012  UDC: 65.012:377   Downloads: 598

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