Volume 15 Number 1 Year - 2021

Number of articles: 20


Authors: Rabee Alqahtani, Narentheren Kaliappen, Mohammed Alqahtani

Abstract: This paper provides a systematic review of the quality of adaptive learning tools over non-adaptive learning tools. A search using the relevant keywords in Google Scholar yielded 66 usable papers. These were categorised based on the works and the countries where most of the research has taken place. Perceived problems were identified and a framework / model as a suitable solution was developed - both adaptive and non-adaptive. Adaptive learning is an interactive experience which leverages technology and provides a responsive teacher to the student. The advantages over non-adaptive methods are numerous and mentioned here. A review of these showed their superiority also in terms of quality over the existing methods. Learning styles are the prominent points of discussion and form the basis for developing frameworks or models. This research has implications on the quality of learning capability of the students and also on the quality of delivery of teaching. Infrastructural limitations in schools are possible but can be overcome through smartphones / other technologies. For future research, it would be worthwhile to compare the adaptive learning tools with non-adaptive learning tools using a quantitative methodology.

Keywords: Adaptive learning, Systematic review, Quality of learning capability

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR15.01-03

Article info: pp. 45-72

Recieved: 10.06.2020  Accepted: 22.10.2020  UDC: 37.014.6   Downloads: 940

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