Volume 14 Number 4 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 21


Authors: Ana Beatriz Machado, Francisco J. G. Silva, José Carlos Sá, Alcinda Barreiras, Luís Pinto Ferreira, Maria Teresa Pereira, Gilberto Santos

Abstract: This work was developed in a company that produces components, such as, Bowden cables and comfort systems for the automobile industry. The company's external logistics department was the place where the work was carried out. The constant need of urgent shippings in the company in order to comply with the delivery scheduled with its customers, leads the organization to have an unnecessary cost. This case study is no exception, and this type of costs represents about 33% of total transport costs, revealing a major negative economic impact for the company. For the analysis of urgent transport some quality tools were used to determine the root causes of the identified problem (high cost with urgent transport). The use of these quality tools, namely brainstorming, Ishikawa's diagram and Five Whys, allowed for greater involvement by employees from different areas. Thus, it was possible to share knowledge and, consequently, a more reliable analysis and identification of possible root-causes of the problem, as well as, the implementation of actions to eliminate them. With the implementation of the improvement actions, the urgent shipping costs were reduced by about 68%.

Keywords: Logistics; Quality Tools; Improvement; Brainstorming; Costs Reduction

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR14.04-12

Article info: pp. 1175-1190

Recieved: 04.06.2020  Accepted: 29.09.2020  UDC: 656.078   Downloads: 1147

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