Volume 14 Number 4 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 21


Authors: Sascha Klein, Karl-Armin Brohm, Martin Schadler

Abstract: All companies rely on committed and loyal employees to reach their goals. Thus far, we know little about the specific effects of the mechanisms of leadership influence on the job involvement of employees. This paper focuses on the specific effect of the use of the "understanding" mechanism of leadership influence on job involvement in environments with both low and high organisational commitment. The paper focuses on two interrelated research questions. First, how high is the impact of the variables of understanding and organisational commitment on the expression of the dependent variable of job involvement? Second, how do the variables of understanding and organisational commitment interact to influence the expression of job involvement? In addition, the question of the direct relevance of the found findings to the quality of leadership is answered. A comprehensive dataset of 218 survey participants was used, to find significant positive effects of the use of "understanding" on job involvement, and a moderating effect of "organisational commitment" in the effect of understanding on job involvement at certain values was discovered.

Keywords: Leadership Quality; Leadership Influence Mechanism; Understanding; Job Involvement; Organisational Commitment; Job Engagement

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR14.04-06

Article info: pp. 1081-1096

Recieved: 26.08.2019  Accepted: 09.04.2020  UDC: 2-735:005.95   Downloads: 1146

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