Asadullah Shaikh, Yousef Asiri, Adel A. Sulaiman

Abstract: The Special Issue of the International Journal for Quality Research (IJQR) is publishing very selective papers presented at the 6th edition of International Conference on Communication, Management, and Information Technology- ICCMIT 2020. The ICCMIT 2020 was scheduled from 1-3 April 2020 in Athens, Greece which was postponed due to the COVID'19 outbreak, and the papers were presented online. We received several papers for this special issue from engineers, researchers, and industry professionals, from all around the globe to publish their research in the field of science and technologies. But after an extensive double-blind peer review process, a few contributions from Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Ukraine, were selected.

Keywords: ICCMIT 2020, Measures of Quality Control, Measures of Quality Management


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