Volume 14 Number 3 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 20


Authors: Marina G. Antunes, Pedro R. Mucharreira, M. Rosário T. Justino, Joaquín Texeira Quirós

Abstract: This research aims to analyze the relationship and the effects of the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices on quality certification in services corporations and to analyze the impact of TQM and quality certification (ISO 9000) on the organizational performance. A model of structural equations was used to evaluate the relationship between the different dimensions. With the aim to measure the correlation between the continuous variables' and the dichotomous variable ISO 9000, Eta coefficient was used. The results showed that TQM practices in Portuguese service companies provide an improvement in their operational and market performance, however, TQM does not show an improvement in financial performance. Regarding ISO certification, the results indicate that certified companies do not show an improvement in their performance, whether financial, operational or market. Also, our research confirms that the implementation of TQM practices provides the conditions for quality certification.

Keywords: Total Quality Management; Organizational Performance; Quality Certification; ISO 9000; Services Corporations

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR14.03-13

Article info: pp. 847-864

Recieved: 05.10.2019  Accepted: 10.03.2020  UDC: 005.6   Downloads: 235

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