Volume 13 Number 1 Year - 2019

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Iñaki Salinas, Isaac Lera, Carlos Guerrero, Carlos Juiz, Enes Sukic

Abstract: Curricula vitae are widely used as the main mechanisms for evaluation of researchers. They also reflect a fraction of the data about the research activity of an organization and geographic area. The nature of the academic world causes researchers to have to continuously keep the information updated. There are tools to help manage this information, usually offered by an organization such as a university or the national government. However, the reports generated by these tools have a local scope when in most of the cases they are used outside the organization. We explore Semantic Web as a solution to this problem because of its benefits on interoperability, inference capabilities when merging data from different sources, and expedience when responding to semantic queries made by evaluators. We design a software solution using the existing tools, able to get data from a CV document, insert it into a semantic system, and then build a document CV from the existing amount of semantic data of a researcher in that system.

Keywords: Curriculum vitae, Semantic web, Research management, Linked data

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR13.01-08

Article info: pp. 131-144

Recieved: 14.09.2018  Accepted: 12.12.2018  UDC: 004.415   Downloads: 818

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