Volume 12 Number 4 Year - 2018

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Ján Závadský, Mária Kožárová, Miroslava Vinczeová, Zuzana Tučková, Jana Krivosudská

Abstract: The paper identifies the influence of organizational innovations in work of managers by means of empirical research. Four sets were identified in the paper and they present the basis for reviewing the influence of organizational innovations. The set V1, ... Vi,...Vn defines types of organizational innovations, the set X1, ... Xj, ... Xm managerial activities, the set Y1, .... Yk, .... Yo types of changes which can be caused by organizational innovations and the set Z1, ... Zl, ... Zp determines hierarchical levels of management. The goal of the paper is to identify which types of organizational changes cause particular changes at individual level of management and how they influence work of managers at these hierarchical managerial levels. The research was carried out in a selected basic set of companies consisting of Slovak medium sized and large companies performing in the area of industrial production. The basic method which is used is sociological interrogation. We find that the implementation of organizational innovations demonstrable influence managerial work at all levels of management. We identified the most frequently implemented organizational innovations in Slovak medium sized and large companies, innovations with the highest intensity of changes and managerial activities in which was the impact of organizational innovations is mostly seen.

Keywords: Organizational innovation, Managers' work, Influence on managers' work, Quality

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.04-08

Article info: pp. 905-924

Recieved: 15.02.2018  Accepted: 23.08.2018  UDC: 30.341.1:005.551   Downloads: 116

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