Volume 12 Number 4 Year - 2018

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Dyah Sugandini, Nur Feriyanto, Yuliansyah Yuliansyah, Ronald Sukwadi, Muafi

Abstract: This research aims to analyze tourist loyalty on government websites that affected by service quality, reputation, consumer experience, satisfaction, and trust. This research is using data from 148 respondents who have been interacted with the website of visitingjogja.com. The data analysis technique is using two steps approach to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The research result shows that responsiveness as dimensional quality of website services has no influence toward consumer satisfaction, and system quality also has no influence on trust, so the model is modified. Modification is done by eliminating two insignificant paths. The result shows that reputation and experience has positive influence toward consumer satisfaction. Information quality and consumer satisfaction has positive influence toward trust, and trust has positive influence on website loyalty. Website loyalty model that proposed in thie research shows a fit result. Thus, this research result can improve generalization of research findings about website loyalty in the setting of government website user.

Keywords: Service quality, Experience, Reputation, Consumer satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.04-07

Article info: pp. 885-904

Recieved: 19.05.2018  Accepted: 24.08.2018  UDC: 006.015.5:004.737.1   Downloads: 140

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