Volume 12 Number 3 Year - 2018

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Branko Vučijak, Mugdim Pašić, Jelena Jovanović, Altin Idrizi, Thaqi Xhevdet, Eldar Kurbanov, Hadis Bajrić, Edin Kadrić, Ranka Gojković

Abstract: The REBUS project emerged in countries where the younger generations are reluctant to engage in private business and entrepreneurship, preferring "safe" employment at the public (state owned) enterprises. Their awareness of own entrepreneurship potentials is very low, while the capacity of talented and skilled students often stays unutilized once being employed. Thus the REBUS project supports embedding entrepreneurship to the South East Europe and Russian universities, at the same time creating network for cooperation between EU and partner countries. One of the first activities was identification, analysis and description of common practices in entrepreneurship education. For this purpose, a comprehensive desk research was combined with expert interviews to inquire about approaches of learning and teaching, connections to lessons, courses and extracurricular activities and approaches to validate entrepreneurial competences. The stocktaking related to the knowledge and differentiation on entrepreneurial competences, leading questions of the surveys related to gaps between formalised (HE) and informal (personal oriented, e.g. in internships) learning and assessment, potentials for enhancements of acquisition of those competences, validation of entrepreneurial competences and selection of key sub-competences. This paper presents results of research and needs analysis (stocktaking) and project objectives and first results.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Education, Competences, Validation

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.03-12

Article info: pp. 741-756

Recieved: 11.04.2018  Accepted: 02.07.2018  UDC: 33(042.4)   Downloads: 119

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