Alexander Zuñiga-Collazos, Marysol Castillo-Palacio, Raul Andrñs Tabarquino-Muñoz, Esperanza Collazos-Zuñiga

Abstract: Colombia is a country that has achieved significant tourism growth in recent years, However there is limited empirical evidence about its tourism development. Process innovations in tourism enterprises are one of the keys to Colombia maintaining positive tourism development. This empirical study analyzes process innovations in 364 Colombia's tourism companies. The findings show that Acquisition of new both goods and equipment (The internal process to acquisition of goods and equipment of Company) and Coordination of company's areas (The internal process to coordination of company's areas to improve) have a significant relationship with Process Innovations in Colombia's Tourist Enterprises. Especially, this study shows that the coordination of the areas of the Colombian touristic companies is those that affect with greater intensity the level of innovation in processes. Therefore, these activities should have a high priority for their execution and continuous improvement in the Colombian touristic companies.

Keywords: tourism, innovation, process innovation, Colombia

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.03-08

Recieved: 13.03.2018  Accepted: 23.08.2018  UDC: 330.341.1:338.48

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