Hagos Berhane, Ajit Pal Singh

Abstract: Process capability analysis is a vital part of an overall quality improvement program. It is a technique that has application in many segments of the product cycle, including product and process design, vendor sourcing, production or manufacturing planning, and manufacturing. Frequently, a process capability study involves observing a quality characteristic of the product. Since this information usually pertains to the product rather than the process, this analysis should strictly speaking be called a product analysis study. A true process capability study in this context would involve collecting data that relates to process parameters so that remedial actions can be identified on a timely basis. The present study attempts to analyze performance of drilling, pressing, and reaming operations carried out for the manufacturing of two major lock components viz. handle and lever plate, at Gaurav International, Aligarh (India). The data collected for depth of hole on handle, central hole diameter, and key hole diameter are used to construct histogram. Next, the information available in frequency distribution table, the process mean, process capability from calculations and specification limits provided by the manufacturing concern are used with Taguchi technique. The data obtained from histogram and Taguchi technique combined are used to evaluate the performance of the manufacturing process. Results of this study indicated that the performance of all the processes used to produce depth of hole on handle, key hole diameter, and central hole diameter are potentially incapable as the process capability indices are found to be 0.54, 0.54 and 0.76 respectively. The number of nonconforming parts expressed in terms of parts per million (ppm) that have fallen out of the specification limits are found to be 140000, 26666.66, and 146666.66 for depth of hole on handle, central hole diameter, and key hole diameter respectively. As a result, the total loss incurred due to variation in the measured quality characteristics in the same order is estimated as, 14076950, 7364675, and 18226962 INR. It is found that the combination of histogram and Taguchi technique helps to evaluate the overall performance of given process.

Keywords: Process performance, lock manufacturing, histogram, process capability, Taguchi technique


Recieved: 18.11.2013  Accepted: 2.12.2013  UDC: 65.012.7

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