Volume 7 Number 4 Year - 2013

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Igor Milanovic, Miladin Stefanovic, Zora Arsovski, Dragana Rejman Petrovic, Vladimir Rankovic, Zoran Kalinic

Abstract: n recent years information integration became significant problem for both natural and legal persons in everyday operations. Huge amount of information are available, but insufficiently processed in order to have useful value. Choosing the right combination of tools and technologies for integration is prerequisite for requiring information from multiple heterogeneous sources and their qualitative and simple using after.In this paper, we have focused on information integration within companies which are parts of supply chain or network. This environment typically includes a various mix of sources, structured (such as relational or other databases), and unstructured (such as document repositories, spreadsheets, documents, web pages, emails and others). Effective information integration and sharing significantly enhances supply chain practices. Service oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural style for building software applications that use services available in anetwork such as the web. The use of SOA to achieve inter-enterprise supply network information integration has many advantages.

Keywords: information integration, supply chain, service oriented architecture, SOA

Article info: pp. 509-522

Recieved: 29.01.2013  Accepted: 12.03.2013  UDC: 65.012.7   Downloads: 633

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