Volume 11 Number 1 Year - 2017

Number of articles: 15


Authors: Alem Colakovic, Himzo Bajric

Abstract: Measurement of customer sastisfaction is an efficient tool to detect problems in SP (Services Provider) and their relationship with customers. Based on this measurement a relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty can be established. It can determine the influence of key parameters on the number of users of services. The parameters of customer satisfaction and loyalty are numerous and depend on the network (network quality of services parameters), the client (the perception, expectations, beliefs, etc.), employees (implementation of activities), technological developments, organizational structure, etc. This paper aims to show the way to identify key indicators and their weighted factors that affect customer satisfaction. This paper intends to emphasize relationship between quality of services, customer perception and loyalty and to present a model for examining the key parameters that significantly influence customer satisfaction and how these parameters influence customer loyalty.

Keywords: Quality, Loyalty, Satisfaction, Quality of Service, Quality of Experience

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR11.01-14

Article info: pp. 221-240

Recieved: 30.06.2016  Accepted: 02.09.2016  UDC: 005.6   Downloads: 421

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