Volume 10 Number 4 Year - 2016

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Irina Degtyarova, Guzel Tokareva, Olga Shalina, Oksana Fedorenko

Abstract: The results of 2009-2015 showed that the Russian economy, which has grown over the last decade rapidly, yet extremely vulnerable. It is connected with the dependence of the domestic economy and industry from the global energy market. Moreover, the export of raw materials that occurred in Russia since 2002 ended with the change of price conjuncture of the global energy market. Nowadays it's very important to improve the management of innovative activity at the Russian enterprises, which is possible within the framework of investment and technological development of the national economy. Modern economic conditions impose to the Russian enterprises requirements quickly and flexibly to react to change of a market situation, to quickly change technological base of production and the range of products. The most effective modern instruments of increase of competitiveness level of the enterprises is continuous restructuring of production, management and property combined with real innovations.

Keywords: Industrial enterprise, product quality, sustainable growth, competitiveness, innovation, improvement of innovative activity

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.04-09

Article info: pp. 785-798

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