Vaclav Repa, Anna Satanova, Marcin Lis, Veronika Korenkova

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this technical paper is to describe the new approach to the organizational development coming from the mixture of continuous improvement models and business process maturity models. This approach is Organizational Development and the baseline for its application is a standard created by the Central European Association for Business Process management (CEABPM). It is the standard CEABPM 1001:2013 - Requirements for the process-based organization. Methodology: The methodology for creating the new standard for Organizational Development is mostly a literature comparative analysis. Next, we discussed the standard in a sample of academic and business organizations. CEABPM 1001:2013 contains the requirements for process-based organizations as well as the method for quantifying the range of process orientation. Findings: The paper introduces at novel approach to the organizational development based on the systematic management of the organization's maturity. The basis for this approach is the standard for the organizational maturity assessment: "CEABPM 1001:2013 Requirements for the Process-Based Organization" together with the methodology of its use as an integral part of the organizational evolution. Practical implications: The standard is intended to work as an assessment tool for the audit of the level of maturity of the organization as well as a knowledge basis for its consequential development at the same time. The audit report as a main output of the organization audit process according to this standard contains detailed information particularly about detected aspects of the identified level of the process-orientation, and about their importance for the further development of the organization. The audit thus results not only in the determination of the level of process orientation, but also in a detailed identification of specific strengths and weaknesses connected with the identified state.

Keywords: organizational development, process-based management, requirements for the process-based organizations

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.04-02

Recieved: 17.03.2016  Accepted: 10.09.2016  UDC: 332.05

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