Volume 10 Number 3 Year - 2016

Number of articles: 15


Authors: Bogdan Nedic, Milan Eric, Marijana Aleksijevic

Abstract: The paper presents description methods of metal cutting and calculation of treatment costs based on model that is developed on Faculty of mechanical engineering in Kragujevac. Based on systematization and analysis of large number of calculation models of cutting with unconventional methods, mathematical model is derived, which is used for creating a software for calculation costs of metal cutting. Software solution enables resolving the problem of calculating the cost of laser cutting, comparison' of costs made by other unconventional methods and provides documentation that consists of reports on estimated costs.

Keywords: unconventional forming process, laser cutting, cutting costs, software for calculating cutting costs

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.03-03

Article info: pp. 487-494

Recieved: 27.10.2015  Accepted: 29.05.2016  UDC: 54.061   Downloads: 455

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