Volume 10 Number 2 Year - 2016

Number of articles: 13


Authors: Jacek Karcz, Beata Slusarczyk

Abstract: The functioning of courier companies is a vital component of modern trade. E-commerce services are changing the way of shopping. Along with them, also courier services change and become more advance. Customers of courier companies become more aware of quality, which they should expect from supplier of these services. The article presents the result of the research of the effectiveness and the timelines of deliveries realized by one of the terminals of a leading courier operator in Poland. The survey involved 55 courier routes over the course of 10 business days. The author analyses weak points of the supply chain and presents two solutions, which may improve quality of delivery processes.

Keywords: courier transport, quality of logistics processes, quality of transport, improvement of quality of logistics processes

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.02-08

Article info: pp. 355-372

Recieved: 20.01.2015  Accepted: 04.02.2016  UDC: 54.0612   Downloads: 462

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