Volume 10 Number 2 Year - 2016

Number of articles: 13


Authors: Aleksandar Djordjevic, Tijana Cvetic

Abstract: The diversity of business processes is very large, and in addition to this diversity between processes there are a number of tools, methods and techniques, especially from the perspective of business intelligence with prominent aspects of their development, the aspect of measurement and analysis of process performance. The purpose of this paper is that for a certain class of problems for which business process are designed to choose certain process model. Through the systematization of the existing models of business processes and methods, techniques and tools for their modeling, the analysis of one class of problems and correspondent business processes has been conducted. In that manner, basis for the new business intelligence optimization model for optimal choice of business processes model is created. To achieve this objective, numerous optimization methods were used from the fields of information engineering, modeling of processes and systems, and decision support systems. In this paper optimization model based on the application of Genetic Algorithm optimization method has been developed.

Keywords: optimal selection, business process, optimization model, business intelligence

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.02-01

Article info: pp. 235-256

Recieved: 11.01.2016  Accepted: 05.04.2016  UDC: 638.124.8   Downloads: 471

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