Volume 7 Number 2 Year - 2013

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Elizabeta Mitreva

Abstract: There is only one way towards a successful market economy. You must be better and faster than your rivals. Only those that might win the market with special products/services may secure their existence. Each company is creating a quality model of the services according to the needs of the consumers that are based on the request of what exactly is needed from a certain enterprise to be done in order to meet all the needs. All of these can be achieved when all needs and desires of the consumers/ costumers are being met. Paying attention of the desires, needs of the consumers and the attempt of the companies to satisfy their needs would increase the contentment of the customers and would allow acompetitive advantage. This paper provides an analysis for gathering data regarding the contentment of the consumers upon the quality of products/services. Also, it should point out the measures that need to be taken by the companies in order to improve their contentment. As for the results that have been received from the research, the need of using adequate methodology for designing and implementing the TQM (Total Quality Management) system is being imposed. The advantage of the using the TQM system is not only the increasement of the business results of the domestic companies that further on would serve as a starting power for continued improvement. Also it increases the dedication of the top management and the employees towards improvement of processes, consumers' content, auctioneers, delivery persons and the community.

Keywords: Market economy, measuring, customer contentment, quality, TQM system

Article info: pp. 215-220

Recieved: 12 February 2013  Accepted: 10 May 2013  UDC: 664.8.036.58   Downloads: 591

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