Volume 9 Number 4 Year - 2015

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Ana Pavlovic, Cristiano Fragassa

Abstract: In recent years, a new class of compact vehicles has been emerging and wide-spreading all around Europe: the quadricycle. These four-wheeled motor vehicles, originally derived from motorcycles, are a small and fuel-efficient mean of transportation used in rural or urban areas as an alternative to motorbikes or city cars. In some countries, they are also endorsed by local authorities and institutions which support small and environmentally-friendly vehicles. In this paper, several general considerations on quadricycles will be provided including the vehicle classification, evolution of regulations (as homologation, driver licence, emissions, etc), technical characteristics, safety requirements, most relevant investigations, and other additional useful information (e.g. references, links). It represents an important and actual topic of investigation for designers and manufacturers considering that the new EU regulation on the approval and market surveillance of quadricycles will soon enter in force providing conclusive requirements for functional safety environmental protection of these promising vehicles.

Keywords: city car, four-wheeled motor vehicle, homologation, Euro NCAP, safety, crash test

Article info: pp. 657-674

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