Sanja Zivkovic, Srecko Devjak

Abstract: The paper explores the influence of image of yourself in the working conditions on the level of the Radio Television of Serbia journalists exhaustion and fulfilling the basic human needs, as well. The research was based on the comparison of the results from questionnaires done in the Radio Television of Serbia end with Slovenian journalist. Institut for human resources in Slovenia analyzed the collected data, summoned through the web page www.burnout.si. The questionnaire and instructions for filling it can be found on the web page. For the purpose of this research, the questionnaire was translated from Slovenian into Serbian. The collected data shows that Serbian journalists are somewhat more exhausted then their Slovenian colleagues, although both groups of respondents fall into the first grade of the tree level scale. According to these results, needs of Serbian journalists are better met comparing to the ones of their Slovenian colleagues, especially the needs for respect, as well as intellectual and sensory ones. The sample shows that the image of yourself is less conditioned by work in Slovenia, although their working and living surrounding are more burdened. Therefore, worn-out working fatigue are prevailing there. However, in the sample containing serbian journalists, there are more candidates for burnout syndrom because their self esteem is more conditioned by work. The investigation of leadership-related is n the rise.

Keywords: burnout, exhaustion, image of himself, basic needs, journalists, leadership


Recieved: 14.10.2013  Accepted: 10.09.2014  UDC: 54.061

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