Volume 8 Number 3 Year - 2014

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Ilija Djekic, Nada Smigic, Nikola Tomic Andreja Rajkovic

Abstract: This paper gives an overview of the food packaging process in seven food companies in the dairy and confectionery sector. A total of 23 production runs have been analyzed regarding the three packers' rules outlined in the Serbian legislation and process capability tests related to statistical process control. None of the companies had any type of statistical process control in place. Results confirmed that more companies show overweight packaging compared to underfilling. Production runs are more accurate than precise, although in some cases the productions are both inaccurate and imprecise. Education / training of the new generation of food industry workers (both on operational and managerial level) with courses in the food area covering elements of quality assurance and statistical process control can help in implementing effective food packaging.

Keywords: weight management, statistical process control, three packers' rules

Article info: pp. 323-334

Recieved: 04.07.2014  Accepted: 20.08.2014  UDC: 519.248   Downloads: 735

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