Volume 1 Number 3 Year - 2007

Number of articles: 11


Authors: Zora Arsovski, Slavko Arsovski, Miladin Stefanovic

Abstract: Objectives and methodologies for application development are derived from the business goals and financial factors, and many include productivity, flexibility and quality goals. According to V-diagram, next steps are identification and modeling for business process, business entities and design of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure. Many of these elements completely or partly already exist in organizations. They depict existing knowledge and usage of methods in organizations, which should be performed in order to achieve effective and efficient managing application development. Long experience of authors in design on information systems and quality systems points that large overlapping exists between these development methodologies. It was the main reason that motivated authors to develop a new approach of integrated development of information systems, mainly application development, and quality management systems (QMS). This approach is tested in several organizations in the field of production. In this paper we presented a basic of a new approach for application development based on processes and QMS. Several characteristic solutions of process model and data model are presented.

Keywords: application development, QMS

Article info: pp. 171-179

Recieved: 04.06.2007  Accepted: 16.08.2007  UDC: 005.8   Downloads: 543

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