Eker Bulent

Abstract: Technological advancements show themselves also in agricultural practices. As a natural result of this, modern agriculture's indispensable element tractor, has been effected positively from these advancements. As is known, tractors are indispensable power sources in agriculture. Efficiency of this power source is improved more with designs dependent on technological parameters. Certainly the ones that will improve humans' life quality among these designs are driver cabin designs. Driver cabin Systems were previously considered in terms of security, but now they are considered as environments of necessary comfort. These environments are thought in such a dimension that can contribute to tractor performance while providing the necessary ease of use to the driver in hard working conditions. In this paper, tractor design that maximizes the elements that one can expect from good life quality in scope of technological dimensions will be discussed with all aspects. Effective parameters in this design will be evaluated in quality-machine sense.

Keywords: design, tractor, cabin, life, quality


Recieved: 10.03.2007  Accepted: 25.04.2007  UDC: 629.366.3.043

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