Volume 1 Number 2 Year - 2007

Number of articles: 11


Authors: Nikola Stefanovic

Abstract: In order to motivate their group members to perform certain tasks, leaders use different leadership styles. These styles are based on leaders' backgrounds, knowledge, values, experiences, and expectations. The one-dimensional styles, used by many world leaders, are autocratic and democratic styles. These styles lie on the two opposite sides of the leadership spectrum. In order to precisely define the leadership styles on the spectrum between the autocratic leadership style and the democratic leadership style, leadership theory researchers use two dimensional matrices. The two-dimensional matrices define leadership styles on the basis of different parameters. By using these parameters, one can identify two-dimensional styles.

Keywords: One-dimensional styles, two-dimensional styles, autocratic, democratic, directing, coaching, participating, delegating

Article info: pp. 104-111

Recieved: 10.03.2007  Accepted: 25.04.2007  UDC: 005.96   Downloads: 586

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