Volume 2 Number 2 Year - 2008

Number of articles: 10


Authors: L. SooS, I. Onderova

Abstract: At present there is a permanently increasing demand from machine-tool users for metalworking and fabrication machines for high speed cutting (HSC), which are the basic trend of the intensification of processes that means shortening of cycle time s. The progress in building and applications of a new generation of machines was enabled by new cutting materials and tools, high revolution spindles, sophisticated types of leading, linear drives, etc. Actually, this progress is remarkable when it comes to the increase of the output of energy beam sources (laser, plasma, water beam) in the machines for cutting of material. That also increases demands for highly effective, high dynamic technological tabl es that create the support for cutting heads, while the demands for the quickness of these tables are extremely hi gh with speeds up to 300 m/min.

Keywords: Quality System, quality of the product surface

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