Hanae Ibn El Haj, Mohamed Lamrini, Noureddine Rais

Abstract: The Healthcare institutions, like every organization offering a product or service, must meet the requirements of its customer "Patient" by being sensitive to his needs and his requests. Therefore, it was necessary that this system adopts the culture of measurement and implements an evaluation process in order to improve the quality of care and the services delivered to the "Patient". The objective of this paper consists in studying the compatibility between the DONABEDIAN model "specific model to healthcare institutions" and the ISO9001v2008 model "generic model applicable to all types of organizations". First of all, the paper explains the approach of each model to the assessment and improvement of quality, then it presents the different correspondences between the two models, and at the end it shows the conformity rate of DONABEDIAN model indicators to the ISO9001v2008 model. This study aims to demonstrate the potentiality of DONEBEDIAN model, considered as a reference in the field of healthcare quality, to be adapted with the ISO9001v2008 model, requir ing the implementation of "Quality Management System" based on the principle of continuous quality improvement.

Keywords: ISO 9001v, 2008, DONABEDIAN Model, Quality of care, quality of service, continuous quality improvement, Healthcare institution


Recieved: 20 October 2012  Accepted: 25 January 2013  UDC: 006.83

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