Volume 2 Number 1 Year - 2008

Number of articles: 9


Authors: S. Karapetrovic

Abstract: The development, features and integrating abilities of different international standards related to management systems are discussed. A group of such standards that augment the performance of quality management systems in organizations is specifically focused on. The concept, characteristics and an illustrative example of one augmenting standard, namely ISO 10001, are addressed. Integration of standardized augmenting systems, both by themselves and within the overall management system, is examined. It is argued that, in research and practice alike, integrative augmentation represents the future of standardized quality and other management systems.

Keywords: Standards, Quality, Integrated Management Systems, ISO 10001, Customer Satisfaction

Article info: pp. 15-22

Recieved: 14.09.2007  Accepted: 19.12.2007  UDC: 005.006.3   Downloads: 560

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