Volume 3 Number 4 Year - 2009

Number of articles: 9


Authors: Drago Dubrovski

Abstract: Intensive and extensive, radical and dynamic changes in the today's environment require adjusted, creative and innovative managerial d evelopmental solutions, also based on the fuzzy logic, needed for strategic decision-making in contemporary business conditions, otherwise the management cannot be able to successfully ensure further existence and development to th e organisations. Although the state of crisis in the company can be affected by various interrelated external and internal causes, which as to intensity and appearance vary by company, the essence of the causes surely lies in the management of the company. Despite the fact that the hypothesis of existing a pattern of management mistakes which follows the changes in political and economic environment cannot be completely reliably confirmed some outlines of such pattern are in spite of all seen. In highly complex business environment, characterized today by financial crisis, recession or slowdown of world or national economies, when much more fuzzy logic in management decision-making is needed, management mistakes can derive also from incapabilities to cope with such complex environment.

Keywords: complex environment, crisis, decision-making, management mistakes, transition

Article info: pp. 285-297

Recieved: 07.08.2009  Accepted: 01.11.2009  UDC: 005.334   Downloads: 516

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