Volume 3 Number 3 Year - 2009

Number of articles: 9


Authors: A. K. Arsic, J. Milivojevic, M. K. Zogovic, Ivan Savovic

Abstract: The immediate effect of energy consumption on environment quality is its deterioration. Gas and dust emissions, as products of coal, mazut (heavy fuel oil) or natural gas combustion, continually pollute the atmosphere and have a global effect on climate changes, ozone damage, acid rains, disappearing of sensitive ecosystems, etc. This, directly or indirectly, brings about pollution of soil and fresh water, since energy life cycle begins with mines, oil and gas deposits, and ends with mechanical operations, heating and cooling with the restoration of thermal energy back into the atmosphere. In order to anticipate these negative processes, it is necessary to conduct an array of eco innovations in the entire life cycle of final energy. What this paper will show, on the example of communally-industrial energetics, is methodology of research and realization of eco innovations, as well as assessment of effects on improvement of energetic efficiency, quality of the environment and human life.

Keywords: eco-innovation, energy, product life cycle, environment, sustainable development

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