P.M Andre, N.H. Afgan, M.G. Carvalho

Abstract: Sustainability is one of those buzz words recently introduced in our vocabulary to explain present state of life support systems. In this respect there are number of definitions which are describing specific aspect of sustainability notion. The management system is complex system and requires adequate tool to measure sustainability as the complexity property of management system. The lecture will enlight the historical background of the sustainability development and emphasizes its importance for the management system validation. The complexity of sustainability notion is characterized by multi-dimensional structure including indicators of different scale. The application of sustainability development to the management system requires respective methodology and procedure. The complexity of management system is defined as structure of elements which comprise individual functionality within the management system. Each element is described with number of indicators. The methodology is based on multi- criteria evaluation of the system. The Sustainability Index, which introduces the quality measure for the management system, is derived by agglomeration of indicators for those systems elements. Quality of the management system is an immanent property which requires specific procedure and methodology to be measured. One of the most reliably methods is the multi-criteria Sustainability Index measurement. This evaluation method is based on the priority list formation among the options under consideration, the essential feature of the evaluation method possibility to obtain the effect of different constrain on the priority list.

Keywords: Sustainability, multi-criteria analysis, management system, sustainability index, complex system, economic indicator, enviro nment indicator, social indicator


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