Volume 4 Number 4 Year - 2010

Number of articles: 9


Authors: Cornelia Petroman, Calin Popovici, Ioan Petroman

Abstract: Consumers of panification products (as well as consumers of any other type of product or service) are concerned about the quality of the products they purchase. Implementing the quality management system in the food industry is not compulsory, but it can bring about numerous, palpable benefits, particularly in reducing the amount of acryl amide. It is a modern system allowing the management analysis aiming at checking and reaching the goals to define new objectives, and the continuous improvement of the quality of processes and products.

Keywords: Quality Management, Improvement, Acryl amide, Panification

Article info: pp. 271-274

Recieved: 15.09.2010  Accepted: 01.12.2010  UDC: 378.014.3   Downloads: 540

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