Aysegul Akdogan Eker

Abstract: There is a close relationship between material chose and quality in mechanical engineering application like there is in all the other engineering applications. If this relation is balanced then engineering success increases. Material chose comes to fore in the design process most of the time. The two most important responsibilities of the design engineer in here is to chose suitable material and to know the production processes about design. The chose of material of a design that will fulfill the needs all through its life has great importance. It is needed to limit the material applicants by choosing the most suitable ones among variable material. Choosing materials that were examined before and whose behavior is well known provides the designer to feel confident. However since using highly successful materials would increase the competitive power of the designs; designers should follow the developments in materials and know the features of new materials. The description of these features can be interpreted within quality. Quality from the point of engineer is the total fulfillment of expectations.Engineer today are faced with very important problems such as fast technological innovations, a dynamic socio-economical environment, global rivalry. One of the life buoys they stick while trying to solve these problems is total method of quality control. Total Quality model which can provide higher competitive power compared to classical management model brings success only when applied with its whole components. "Approach toward prevention" and "measurement and statistics" have an important place among these elements. The first step of the approach toward prevention composes of design quality and Quality Function Deployment (QFD), or in other words The House of Quality method that will provide this. In this paper; considering the quality function deployment, how the chose of material are done in mechanical engineering applications will be explained.

Keywords: quality, house, mechanical, engineering


Recieved: 05.02.2010  Accepted: 28.06.2010  UDC: 005.6:621

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