Volume 4 Number 1 Year - 2010

Number of articles: 8


Authors: S. Jasarevic, S. Brdarevic, M. Diering

Abstract: Many authors agree in the statement that acquiring of certificate for introduced quality syst em is easier phase than from the phases which will follow. After acquiring of certificate the organizations have relaxation time and somewhere the time of easy dream. And when we wake up, contro l audits come fast and it is time to show to auditors what we have done in past period. So, maintenance and continuity in development of the quality system pres ent next phases which many auditors estimate as more significant ones and more difficult from the phase of introducti on of the quality system itself. By the appearance of standards from years of 2000 (ISO 9001:2000) and 2008 the concept of "continuous improvements" has been introduced in the practice of certification and maintenance of the quality system. Without such improvements and w ithout work on them the quality system as well as all other things in real life would very soon come to the phase of collapse, i.e. quality characteristic s would start falling on all levels. This work will present results of researches conducted in 204 organizations with introduced quality sy stem as well as their activities carried out or to be carried out in the purpose of provision of constant improvements in their organizations. The work will also present comparison of different views seen by persons responsible for quality (manager for quality) in organization as well as by managers of organization (directors).

Keywords: continuous improvements, activities, quality system, organization

Article info: pp. 71-77

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