Volume 5 Number 4 Year - 2011

Number of articles: 9


Authors: Elizabeta Mitreva

Abstract: The subject of this paper is linked with the valorization of the meaning and the perspectives of Total Quality Management (TQM) system design and implementation within th e domestic companies and creating a model-methodology for improved perfor mance, efficiency and effectiveness. The research is designed as an attempt to depict the existing condition in the Macedonian companies regarding quality system design and implementation, analysed through 4 po lls in the "house of quality" whose top is the ultimate management, and as its bases measurement, evaluation, analyzing and comparison of the quality are used. This "house" is being held by 4 subsystems e.g. internal standardization, methods and techniques for flawless work performance, e ducation and motivation and analyses of the quality costs. The data received fr om the research and the proposal of the integral methodology for designi ng and implementing of TQM system are designed in turn to help and presen t useful directions to all Macedonian companies tending to become "world class" organizations. The basis in the creation of this model is the rede sign of the business processes which afterword begins as a new phase of the business performance - continued improvement, rolling of Deming's Quality Circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). The model-methodology proposed in this paper is integral and universal which means that it is applicable to all com panies regardless of the business area.

Keywords: Quality system, TQM, internal standardization, SPC, costs, education and motivation, methodology

Article info: pp. 255-260

Recieved: 15.06.2011  Accepted: 18.11.2011  UDC: 005.6:65.012.32   Downloads: 525

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