Volume 5 Number 3 Year - 2011

Number of articles: 10


Authors: Laxmana Naik, Rajan Sharma, Raju Naik, Girish Lakshmana, Karuna Devi

Abstract: A lean laboratory is one which is focused on testing products and materials to deliver results in the most e fficient way in terms of cost or speed or both; primarily focused on improvi ng measurable performance and reducing costs. The goal of a lean laboratory is to use less effort, le ss resources and less time to test incoming samples. Laborator ies have a critical role to play in establishing and improving process c apability and key performance indicator (KPI) of the organization. There are inevi tably many opinions as to what a lean lab actually is; here is one version fr om. Quality assurance laboratories are crucial to the success of organization and this effectiveness needs to be measurable and demonstrable. To facil itate this, a method of measuring a laboratory's progress towards complete deployment has been created by lean tools. These tools allow laboratorie s to conduct gap analysis and identify opportunities for improvement.

Keywords: Lean laboratory; Process capability; KPI (Key performance Indicators) and Quality Assurance

Article info: pp. 187-192

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