Milos Jelic, Vladimir Trajkovic

Abstract: Annual competition for national award for business excellence appears to be a good opportunity for participating organizations to demonstrate their practices particularly those ones which enable them to excel. National quality award competition in Serbia (and Montenegro), namely "OSKAR KVALITETA" started in 1995 but was limited to competition cycle only. However, upon establishing Fund for Quality Culture and Excellence - FQCE in 2002, which took over OSKAR KVALITETA model, several changes took place. OSKAR KVALITETA turned to be annual competition in business excellence, but at the same time FQCE started to offer much wider portfolio of its services including levels of excellence programs, assessment and self-assessment training courses and benchmarking workshops. These benchmarking events have hosted by Award winners or other laureates in OSKAR KVALITETA competition who demonstrated excellence in regard of some particular criteria thus being in position to share their practice with other organizations. For six years experience in organizing benchmarking workshops FQCE scored 31 workshops covering major part of model issues. Increasing level of participation on the workshops and distinct positive trends of participants expressed satisfaction may serve as a reliable indicator that the workshops have been effective in actuating people to think and move in business excellence direction.

Keywords: business excellence, benchmarking, TQM, national quality awards


Recieved: 15.11.2010  Accepted: 15.12.2010  UDC: 005.63

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