Aleksandr G. Rubin, Natalia V. Zinchenko, Aleksandra Yu. Artyushkova, Vasiliy V. Sorokozherdyev, Gennadiy G. Pimenov

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to develop an alternative - systemic - approach to managing the quality of company's business processes, which would describe - precisely and correctly - the causal connections of provision of quality of company's business processes under the influence of endogenous and exogenous factors in a hi-tech market environment. Originality of the research consists in the fact that it fills the gaps in the system of scientific knowledge on the topic of quality in entrepreneurship. The advantages of this paper include the following: firstly, it takes into account the hi-tech context of the modern market economy and considers quality from the positions of innovations and digitalization. Secondly, it opens a "black box" and shows the internal structure of quality, studying it not from the positions of the final result but in view of business processes. Thirdly, it considers endogenous and exogenous factors, reflecting the conditions of formation of quality in entrepreneurship. Practical significance of the authors' conclusions and recommendations consists in their high level of detalization, which simplifies their implementation into the managerial practice of modern entrepreneurship. As additional advantage of the results of this research is the fact that they were obtained based on experience of the leading developed and developing countries by the level of digitalization. This makes the authors' recommendations universal ' they could be applied around the world.

Keywords: Quality, Systemic approach, Quality management, Business processes, Company, Digital economy, Hi-tech markets

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR15.02-08

Recieved: 11.08.2020  Accepted: 04.12.2020  UDC: 005.06

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