Carme Martínez-Costa, Júlia Pladevall Viladecans, Marta Mas-Machuca, Frederic Marimon

Abstract: The aim of the article is threefold: analyzing (1) the antecedents of satisfaction of online travel agencies (OTAs)' customers, and the mediating role of loyalty, and word of mouth; (2) the different customers' profiles attending to these antecedents; and (3) how antecedents affect satisfaction according to the customer profile. An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and a structural equation modeling (SEM) were used on a sample of 264 OTAs' Spanish customers. A non-hierarchical cluster analysis was performed forcing two clusters, and they were identified the most important factors that explain satisfaction for each cluster. EFA results provide five antecedents of satisfaction. However, SEM analysis results show that only "information" (efficiency of the website and quality of information provided) and "utility" for using the platforms are significant antecedents of satisfaction. The relation between satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth are also significant. The quality of the information provided in the websites is the main antecedent for the cluster of satisfied customers. In contrast, utility is the most important for the cluster of unsatisfied customers.

Keywords: customer satisfaction, loyalty, online travel agencies, e-quality, SEM, cluster analysis

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.03-10

Recieved: 21.03.2018  Accepted: 30.05.2018  UDC: 303.71:338.486.22

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