Natalia Vasilyeva, Natalia Koteleva, Pavel Ivanov

Abstract: Any technological process including metallurgical processes is supported by the control system operation, accompanied by large information flows to be formed. However, the most part of this information is not used by specialists due to restricted capabilities of a human being that is, in fact, incapable of processing such information flows. It has been demonstrated that process control is significantly influenced by the human factor. This paper contains a methodology to process production information that permits the process personnel to use its potential in a more rational way to control the process. An approach has been reviewed to studying metallurgical processes using the analysis of indirect indicators of process management, namely the spectral density and auto-correlation function of main process parameters. A method to separate useful signals from noise has been studied. A method has been given to check the ACS management efficiency using primary material flows. The adopted methodology for processing experimental data permits interpreting the obtained results for their further practical application to develop new algorithms for process control and improve the existing control system.

Keywords: technological process control, quality analyze, operator control, melting quality

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.01-07

Recieved: 30.09.2017  Accepted: 13.12.2017  UDC: 005.591.1

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