Katarina Kanjevac Milovanović

Abstract: This work should indicate how an integrated approach to continuous improvement of quality and safety of products affecting the competitiveness goals as product and company. The impact of Quality Management System (QMS) and compatibility with the requirements of the New Approach Directives (the CE mark) we conducted in three directions. First we developed a model that includes all the essential steps. By using the modeling method of the complex dynamic system, three macro variables are determined in the model. Each of the macro variables has its structure, variables in the in order to research the practical impact of QMS and CE mark on the competitiveness of enterprises in Serbia, we created a questionnaire on the basis of established models. On the results we apply methods of statistical analysis. In order to further research mentioned impacts on the competitiveness of products in Serbia, we have created a simulation software. This paper presents some of the results that have a dominant impact on competitiveness. From all this we can conclude that the implementation of QMS and CE creates a positive image of the product on the market, and enables the growth of profits and the competitiveness of organization.

Keywords: competitiveness, quality, safety, CE mark, QMS

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR11.02-14

Recieved: 11.01.2017  Accepted: 20.04.2017  UDC: 005.6

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