Volume 11 Number 1 Year - 2017

Number of articles: 15


Authors: Saveta Vukadinovic, Marko Djapan, Ivan Macuzic

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate and understand how tools and principles of Lean philosophy can be adopted to improve the effectiveness of engineering education by providing services beyond the competition and costs below the competition, and how engineering education can provide better prepared engineering professionals capable to work in dynamic Lean environments by developing multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. Paper will be based on analysis of relevant scientific and professional literature sources, including certain elements of description, classification, explanation and prediction. The authors will use detailed literature review to explain complex relationship and interdependence between Lean philosophy and engineering education and answer the question what benefits modern Lean enterprises may expect from properly educated and qualified engineers and how application of Lean tools and principles can improve the system of engineering education.

Keywords: Education, Lean, Engineer, Competencies

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR11.01-03

Article info: pp. 35-50

Recieved: 17.06.2016  Accepted: 20.12.2016  UDC: 005.33   Downloads: 425

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